Wednesday, November 11th, 2009


Dinner Meeting at The Galen Center

The Trojan Coaches Club kickoff our Winter Meeting by getting an “Insider’s Look” at the Men’s Basketball Practice. Coach O’Neill ran a couple of special drills for us to witness and we even got a surprise visit from Athletic Director Mike Garrett. From there, we enjoyed cocktails and dinner at the Galen Center concourse, with a beautiful view of the downtown skyline and above the basketball court. It was an outstanding venue!

Basketball was the theme of this evening’s meeting. We had the two new leaders of our basketball programs in the same room to reassure our confidence that the Trojans will be well represented into the future. Men’s Basketball Coach Kevin O’Neill talked about why he came to USC and where he plans to take our program. Women of Troy Coach Michael Cooper loosen his tie and took off his coat and became very relaxed and downright comical as he plans to emphasize defense and bring alittle “Showtime” to Galen Center. All the attendees were very excited to meet these two great leaders and very confident that they will be able to lead our basketball programs back to glory. 

It wouldn’t be a TCC Meeting without talking about Football. We got the brutally honest truth from ESPN Analyst and Former USC Fullback Brandon Hancock. He gave us his insider’s opinion of where the USC Football Program is at, and where he thinks it is going. He also talked stories about his playing days, which was fun to hear about. IT’S ALWAYS GREAT TO BE A TROJAN!!!

Because we made a commitment to Coach Cooper at the meeting, and the fact that we should support all sports at USC, we will be having a TROJAN COACHES CLUB /WOMEN’S BASKETBALL GAME on Sunday January 17th vs ucla @ 2:30pm at the Galen Center. If you are interested in group seating with us, please email with questions and reservations. 

Thank you to all for supporting the TCC and helping us make these great meetings a reality. We look forward to planning another great meeting in the Spring, so make sure you become a member and join our email list for upcoming information. 

The Board Members of the Trojan Coaches Club