SAVE THE DATE – Thursday, August 15th



Hey Trojan Coaches Club Members!

As your former TCC Club President (2003-2007), it is with great pleasure that we have not only secured our future leadership with the introduction of Philip Putnam as your new TCC Club President but at a recent Board Meeting, the Board has chosen to host our first TCC Dinner Meeting in years on Thursday, August 15th on the USC campus. Details for that evening event are still being worked out by the Board Members, so clear your calendar now and start inviting your Trojan friends. TCC-Needs-You


Please remember that this is YOUR Club and thus it is your responsibility to keep it going. We were very close to folding up our doors and calling TCC a memory due simply to lack of Board Leadership and that would have been a damn shame! We have lost half of our Board due to retirement and they must be replaced, otherwise our club is doomed. We have had only a handful of members show any interest in serving on our Board and thus far, only 2 new Board Members have been approved. This is simply not enough effort from the Membership. If you cannot serve, then find and recommend someone else that can. You owe it to the club! Please let me know how YOU are going to help our TCC survive into the future…

Fight On!

Michael “MD3” Donovan III